Brooke Singer

Brooke is an artist, educator and activist. She is Associate Professor of New Media at Purchase College and a founding member of La Casita Verde, a community garden and living lab in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She initiated Carbon Sponge during her residency at the New York Hall of Science. You can view her other work at


Sara Perl Engendorf

Sara Perl Egendorf is a PhD student in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College studying urban soil. Her research is focused on human interactions with urban soil contaminants and nutrients on multiple scales,  particularly the potential for urban soil to promote environmental justice and sustainability.



Maha Deeb

Dr. Maha Deeb received her Master's in Soil Pedogenises in Syria, worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Damascus and later received her PhD from the University of Paris-Est. Currently she works as a researcher at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center. She is interested in improving the quality of urban soils and their ecosystem services, intending to ameliorate urban life quality.


Marisa Prefer

Marisa Prefer is a trans-disciplinary educator, urban ecologist and amateur herbalist who works to translate knowledge between plant and human communities through experiential learning. Prefer has previously helped to run the Children's Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and is currently the Programs Manager for Swale and Landscape Curator at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 


Danny Fabricant

Danny Fabricant is a programmer and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Danny specializes in front end web development, riding bicycles, and tinkering with gizmos he finds in the garbage.


Katharhy (Victor Flores)

Katharhy (Victor Flores) is a first-generation Native American college graduate from the Cotacachi Cayapacs Tribe, Ecuador, and affiliated to the Spokane Tribe of Indians, Salish Group, WA. Currently, he works as a manager and instructor for City Parks Foundation in the Department of Education, mentoring high school interns and visitors in urban agriculture sustainability, urban ecology, invasive species, rehabilitation of native plants, horticulture and botany.


Cara Lambrento

Cara is an Explainer at the New York Hall of Science. When she's not at NYSCI, she works in a genetics lab that does research on fruit flies. She has previously worked as a tutor in science and math.


Sahery Arain

Sahery is also an Explainer at the New York Hall of Science. Outside of the museum she volunteers in the hospital. She  previously conducted research in a plant molecular biology lab and later participated in biomedical research.